Good News Ministries 2019

The countdown is on to the evangelistic campaign to end all evangelistic campaigns!

The East Caribbean Conference of Seventh-day Adventists presents "Good News Ministries 2019" - a six week evangelistic campaign with the dynamic and thought-provoking presenter - Pastor Dr. Claudius Morgan.

Dr. Morgan is a pastor attached to the St. Vincent Mission and is a member of the evangelical council of the General Conference.

He has led thousands of people to the watery grave of baptism with his unique preaching style that sees the combination of singing and life-changing concepts.

This converted calypsonian evangelist, now uses his voice to sing for God and his testimonies to add a personable element to his messages. 

This Good News Ministries Evangelistic Campaign 2019 is not one to miss!

The commencement date is May 3rd and concludes on June 15th, 2019 at the Oldbury Campsite in Oldbury, St. Phillip. 

Please see the below flyer for more information.

See you there! 

#GNM2019 Flyer